Damiani Fine Jewelry Designers

Damiani Fine Jewelry Designers

Famous for Exquisite Rings and Diamonds

Damiani is most famous for creating the "Made in Italy" tradition for jewelry. Among the most renowned jewelry designers in the world, the Damiani family under Silvia Damiani and Guido Damiani and Giorgio Damiani create some of the most unique and famous rings and timepieces in the world. This third generation of jewelry designers have built the family business into an international and organized company that is now a major player in the global market, especially known for their diamonds and the unique jewelry designs they craft from their top-quality diamonds.

Damiani has become well known for its celebrity following, as well as for the star power of its advertising and marketing programs. Not surprisingly, the Damiani brand has become known for its custom design services, as well as for the watches and diamond rings for which it is best known. In the highest artisan traditions of luxury and elegance, Damiani creates innovative designer jewelry for both women and men, especialy bridal items and exquisite timepieces.

Casa Damiani's commitment to the art of Italian luxury makes Damiani among the most recognized and sought after jewelry brands in the world.

Damiani - A Rich Tradition of Italian Jewelry Design

Damiani has won an unprecedented 18 International Diamond awards, the Oscars of the jewelry industry. However, it has done much more than that.

The Damiani Family has a long tradition, dating back to 1924, in the fine jewelry business. Enrico Grassi Damiani began designing and manufacturing jewelry so beautiful and elegant that his fame as a master jeweler, even in the early days, spread far and wide. His son, Damiano Grassi Damiani, continued in his footsteps, renewing the family tradition and increasing the value of the family brand by establishing new approaches to marketing, distribution and communications. For instance, Damiani was the first jewelry designer to offer Certificates of Authenticity for its pieces, including details such as the number of carats. It was in this period that Damiani became known as one of the world's top jewelry brands. In fact, it was at this time that the Damiani brand created the value of the "Made in Italy" tradition for jewelry designers.

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