Benchmark manufactures some of the finest wedding bands in the world using the purest gold, the finest platinum, the most talented designers and the most skilled craftsmen. We utilize the latest technologies to insure a quality product each and every time.

All of our wedding bands are die struck. We start with a solid ring of gold or platinum and with meticulous carving, we have created the beautiful designs that you see here. The die struck method provides for a more consistent product, one with less porosity and more gold - a solid band throughout. Cast pieces are more prone to have voids within the metal which can occasionally lead to imperfections or breakage.

Every Benchmark Piece is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee that states:

Over 30 years ago, Benchmark brought the Comfort Fit design to the United States and obtained a patent. The inside of our rings are oval shaped, eliminating the sharp edge against your finger, providing years of comfortable wear. Other companies have modified this design but ours is the original, true Comfort Fit.

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