Chad Allison Designs

Chad Allison Designs

If bling is what you want, lots of bling, bling with a capital "B", then look no further than the vintage inspired contemporary fashion jewelry from Debra Savage for Chad Allison Couture. Intricate designs in diamonds and precious gold drape the wearer in a statement fit for the outrageous star in all of us.

From the unique jewelry designs to the beautiful inside gallery work, Chad Allison has designed each piece of their designer jewelry with an attention to detail you can both see and feel. All jewelry in their designer Collections can be ordered in 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, or Platinum. Special orders are welcomed.

Chad Allison Couture offers an intriguing mix of whimsy, history, and diamonds. Designed to be worn and not kept in a box, their designer jewelry unabashedly announces itself. Though the styles are bold, they have an airy feel. The practical features of bezel and pave settings in no way inhibit their style.

Chad Allison designer jewelry appeals to women who purchase for themselves as well as to men who have marriage on their minds or anniversaries to celebrate. Celebrate your life in style, with a Chad Allison Couture jewelry design.

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