Daniel K

Daniel K

Exquisite diamonds, excellent craftsmanship and designs that women love to wear are the hallmarks of every Daniel K designer jewelry piece. Founder and creative director Daniel Koren is one of those rare individuals who instinctively understands how to maximize the fire and brilliance of top quality diamonds, while creating jewelry designs that women can wear any time and no matter where their lives take them.

Like all creative individuals, Daniel K sees ideas wherever he turns. The architectural detailing on a building in New York City can suggest a new way to set diamonds so that they seem to float above their mount. Or the fluid silhouettes of fashion will prompt him to create a designer jewelry line with equally sinuous curves.

The secret to creating beautiful designer jewelry is, Daniel K believes, "Taking the extra time necessary to get it right. For me, it's not just about selling a diamond. It's about respect for craftsmanship. If a piece doesn't look right, it doesn't leave my hands." On average, it takes six months for a Daniel K design to go from concept to completion. Every stone used is approved by Daniel K, and every piece is examined by him at each stage of production.

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