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A. JAFFE is one of the most respected names in bridal jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands. Their combination of timeless elegance and modern style shines through with a rich heritage of celebrating life"s most joyous occasions. They offer a stunning collection of classic and finely styled bridal jewelry that is exsquisitely detailed and hand crafted.

Art Carved

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ArtCarved is one of the most respected names in jewelry today. Founded in New York in 1850, ArtCarved began as a manufacturer of high-quality and uniquely styled wedding bands and engagement rings. We first entered the class ring business in 1920, bringing to it our expertise as makers of fine gold and platinum jewelry. Since that time, ArtCarved has emerged as the class ring industry innovator, bringing more new styles, features and options to the class ring consumer.


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Benchmark manufactures some of the finest wedding bands in the world using the purest gold, the finest platinum, the most talented designers and the most skilled craftsmen. We utilize the latest technologies to insure a quality product each and every time.

All of our wedding bands are die struck. We start with a solid ring of gold or platinum and with meticulous carving, we have created the beautiful designs that you see here. The die struck method provides for a more consistent product, one with less porosity and more gold - a solid band throughout. Cast pieces are more prone to have voids within the metal which can occasionally lead to imperfections or breakage.

Every Benchmark Piece is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee that states:

Over 30 years ago, Benchmark brought the Comfort Fit design to the United States and obtained a patent. The inside of our rings are oval shaped, eliminating the sharp edge against your finger, providing years of comfortable wear. Other companies have modified this design but ours is the original, true Comfort Fit.


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Bergio is established as a premiere jewelry designer and is well known for their use of fancy diamonds and unique pieces with a distinctive look superior to any other line. Bergio recently introduced an incomparable new platinum bridal jewelry line to their already impressive cache of exquisite designer jewelry. Their European style and flair again is portrayed in this new line.

When it comes to creating jewelry, the designers at Bergio concentrate on their subject, not just on the design as it looks on paper. They feel that a woman is the elegance and beauty of life and all their designs reflect this.

Platinum is ideal for jewelry that is worn everyday because it shows little wear and resists tarnish. Its rich white luster compliments diamonds and other precious gems while its neutral color enhances a stone’s natural brilliance and depth. Its purity, strength, rarity, durability and naturally rich, white color make it the best choice for Begio bridal jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands.

Christian Bauer

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Christian Bauer

Christopher Designs

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Christopher Slowinski came to America twenty-five years ago bringing with him the elegance and precision of a fine European jewelry designer. Christopher Design's jewelry unites classic jewelry training with revolutionary technological design advantages. The innovation used in their designs is clearly evident by the several US patents that Christopher Design's holds.

Christopher Design's created the cut of diamond known as the Crisscut ™. The Crisscut ™ adds crisscrossed facets that greatly enhance the brilliance and fire of the diamond. The superior brilliance and fire of a Crisscut ™ diamond is sure to turn heads.

Christopher Design's is dedicated to designing and manufacturing jewelry of the highest quality using only the finest materials. Christopher Design's continually searches for unique and innovative design techniques to bring you the finest jewelry available. This is Christopher’s promise to you.


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Elegant design, excellent quality and superior craftsmanship, is the mission of Coast diamond. Since it's foundation in 1978, Coast is all of this and more. Creating unique designs or tailoring them to individual taste is the passion of Coast Diamond. The timeless beauty of Coast's exquisite hand engraved jewelry expresses Coasts commitment to excellence.


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Brand History

Diana Classic comes from a heritage of the finest jewelry made. The first rings were created as a limited edition collection by Krementz and Company in 1925. The collection was known for its high quality and manufactured primarily in 18K gold. It was the preferred wedding ring and bridal line among the elite group of carriage trade jewelers well into the 1970's. Due to increased demand it was made available to top jewelers across the country. In 1992 the collection was renamed DIANA Classic in recognition of its timeless designs and elegant styling. Additional styles were added in platinum, 14k or 18k gold, and most recently in palladium.

Design Philosophy

The notion of "Classic Becomes You" is at the heart of the DIANA Classic design philosophy. Capturing the elegant sophistication that is the hallmark of enduring design, there is a timeless quality crafted into every detail.
DDesigners with access to the rich heritage of DIANA Classic archives reinterpret timeless designs with the fashion sense that today's bride and groom are seeking. From feminine, lace like elegance, or micro pave bridal sets, to bold wedding band statements, all DIANA Classic rings are a reflection of the commitment of a lifetime that bridal jewelry represents.


From a tradition of master craftsmen catering to the most exclusive carriage trade, DIANA Classic rings are handcrafted in every detail to the highest quality specifications in the industry.


All DIANA Classic rings are warranted against any imperfections in manufacturing, design and workmanship. DIANA Classic rings are handcrafted to exacting quality standards to ensure every ring is a "work of art".
Precious Metal Content
All DIANA Classic rings are guaranteed to contain the specific precious metal content that is hallmarked inside the ring. Each DIANA Classic ring also bears the DIANA Classic name assuring you of quality and master-craftsmanship.
Diamond Grading
ALL diamonds used in DIANA Classic diamond rings are graded and matched according to specific quality standards for color, cut and clarity.



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Doris Panos

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“Dare to be Different”

Doris Panos knows every aspect of her industry inside and out. Although she is a young woman still, she has nearly twenty-six years of experience in jewelry making, beginning when she was just barely a teenager working in her brother-in-law’s factory. She apprenticed in the jewelry industry while pursuing a business and marketing degree at St. John’s University. After graduating she began by apprenticing at the bench and learning the intricate engineering techniques that are involved in the manufacturing process.

Once she mastered the engineering side, she moved on to learning about diamonds and colored stones and there multi faceted aspects. Establishing her contrasts and enriching her knowledge of diamonds and precious & semi precious stones enabled her to master the gemological part of the trade. The gems and metals are not merely the materials which she worked. They became her passion. Doris turned nature’s gifts into masterpieces.

After working in the gemstone market for three years and having acquired the knowledge of production and gemology necessary, it was time to tackle the retail and corporate ends. Working in various establishments and enriching her experience in the industry, finally led her to New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue in the mid eighties. Doris was finally able to put her knowledge and charismatic personality in her sales approach. To her delight, she was asked to hold seminars where she taught her personal style to other aspiring sales associates. Moving on to prestigious retail establishments she was given the opportunity to create her own collections. After an astounding positive response to her unique style, she was encouraged to pursue her own individual career.

In 1993, Doris Panos Designs, LTD. was established. In a very short period of time Doris earned the respect and admiration of her peers with her distinctive style and versatile creations. Her name and designs landed her a reputation of a well branded designer. From the beginning, Doris was involved in every aspect of her company from advertising, marketing and public relations to personal appearances and trunk shows. Through working with clients on a one-to-one basis during these shows. Doris was able to better understand and create unique and versatile designs for today’s woman. In October 2007, Doris opened her first boutique in her hometown Long Island, which will better allow Doris to develop a close and personal relationship with customers, before she proceeds to the next step, opening more boutiques worldwide. The retail boutique is a testament of Doris Panos’ enduring legacy of luxury and timeless design.

Doris’s motto: Bigger is better. If you’re not making a statement don’t bother. Style with a classic flair describes the designs of Doris Panos. A glimpse inside the world of Doris Panos is a kaleidoscope of contrasts that meld together in perfect union. Doris is at once Old World grace and sophistication mixed with contemporary chic and soulful sensuality. Her designs, likewise, evince the juxtaposition of timeless with avant-garde. Doris is the cutting edge of fashion, a trendsetter with unique vision.

Doves Jewelry Designs

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For each and every EBEL designer watch, from the research and development stage throughout production, cutting edge technology and outstanding know-how merge with visionary inspiration and constant innovation, all governed by the high standards inherent to the Architects of Time.

All EBEL designer watches carry an international 5 year warranty.

Whether you are looking for the dynamic Ebel Brasilia, Sportwave, Classic Wave, 1911, Beluga or Tarawa you will find it at Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry an Authorized EBEL Retailer.


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With a signature look that evokes femininity and striking designs that are as simple as they are luxurious, Fana is fine jewelry for every day. Masterfully handcrafted in 18kt yellow, white and rose gold, Fana's innovative designs are characterized by fluid lines and streamlined silhouettes, meticulously crafted to fully reveal the intense beauty of the brand's signature stones - rich rubies, vibrant emeralds, deep sapphires and brilliant diamonds.

Designed to embody subtle sophistication and simple elegance, Fana is luxury jewelry that style savvy women can wear any time, any place. With its unique blend of chic design and enduring elegance, the designer's pieces provide comfort and wearability in each fabulous piece of jewelry.

Gelin Abaci

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GelinAbaci has made a name as one of the premier designers in the world, with the beautifully unique Tension Collection and Amore Wedding Band Collection.

From pave' and channel set diamonds to bypass designs, GelinAbaci Tension Settings are setting the standard for something unique. They allow the maximum of light to pass through the center stone creating extraordinary brilliance superior to all traditional settings.

The GelinAbaci Amore Wedding Bands are made with exquisite design and craftsmanship. Exclusive designs include hand-woven styles carefully crafted for that special someone, variations of gold and platinum, and beautifully set diamond bands showing off your expression of love.

Gottlieb & Sons

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Gottlieb & Sons stands for family, history and heritage. Our goal is to create jewelry that reflects the high standards that our family has set for over half a century. Our jewelry is distinctive; it is cultured and sophisticated. It is fashionable, and fashion-forward. Our jewelry is well designed and well made. Our brand appeals to an upscale, lifestyle-driven consumer, who enjoys luxurious jewelry and appreciates quality. Gottlieb & Sons are manufacturers of fine quality diamond jewelry in 14k, 18k, and platinum.


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Hamilton Usa

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Hamilton watches' devotion to keeping accurate time began with its origins in the 1890's, during the height of the train travel era in America. The Hamilton watch became known as the "watch of railroad accuracy", an accolade earned for the timepiece's accuracy and dependability which helped to prevent the epidemic of train crashes of the time.

As a testament to their accuracy, Hamilton watches later were used by the early air mail pilots and as the official timepiece of many airlines in the 1930's.

The styling innovation of the Hamilton watch has today made it a fashion watch. Hamilton's varied range of watch styles, from classic to retro chic has reinforced the relationship the brand has with Hollywood as it has provided actors, actresses, prop masters, film makers and costume designers with endless styling options. The 1990's mark Hamilton's continual presence both on the wrists of the stars as their personal choice and as their co-stars on the silver screen.

Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry is an authorized Hamilton designer watch retailer.

Harry Kotlar

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The KOTLAR Cushion® Contemporary design meets classic elegance The KOTLAR Cushion® is an updated classic that resonates with sophistication and timeless beauty. It combines the graceful, feminine lines of an antique cushion cut with the brilliance and fire only revealed through the most advanced cutting techniques. These are diamonds that combine the best of traditional elegance and modern design…the gentle curves and larger silhouette of the cushion cut with the dazzling radiance.

All KOTLAR Cushion® diamonds are laser inscribed and include a GIA report KOTLAR Cushions® range in color from D to K. Clarity ranges from internally flawless to SI2, and sizes from 70 points up to 20 carats. Each KOTLAR Cushion® is delivered in an heirloom jewelry box with a GIA report and supporting documentation. Both the report number and the KOTLAR Cushion® logo are laser inscribed on each diamond. The KOTLAR Cushion® combines the graceful, feminine lines of an antique cushion shape with a faceting pattern unique to Harry Kotlar & Company.

Using state-of-the-art cutting techniques, Harry Kotlar & Company is able to provide magnificent diamonds that have dazzling radiance, exceptional brilliance and amazing fire. The end product is a spectacular diamond that resonates with the sophistication and timeless beauty of the traditional cushion, but with the superior sparkle and flash today’s jewelry connoisseurs desire most.

One of the first cuts of polished diamond, the cushion has not changed much for hundreds of years. Capitalizing on the diamond trend for ideal cuts, Kotlar cleverly modified the classic cushion to make it full of fire. Trademarked as “the world’s most brilliant cushion cut diamond,” the KOTLAR Cushion® arranges 61 facets so that the four main facets point toward the corners of the stone. The makers describe the result as “ecstatic brilliance, with no bow-tie effect.” The KOTLAR Cushion® can cost as little as $1,000 or as much as half a million dollars or more. Varying in shape from square to slightly rectangular, with rounded corners and soft, feminine contours, the brilliant KOTLAR Cushion® is a modern heirloom. Diamonds come in colors from D to K, clarities from internally flawless to SI2, and sizes from .70 carats to 20 carats—accompanied by a GIA report, the number of which is laser inscribed on each stone with the KOTLAR Cushion® logo.

Contemporary design meets classic elegance The KOTLAR Cushion® combines the graceful, feminine lines of an antique cushion cut with the brilliance and fire only revealed through the most advanced cutting techniques. These are diamonds that combine the best of traditional elegance and modern design… the gentle curves and larger silhouette of the cushion cut with the dazzling radiance that sparks the desires of your customers. The KOTLAR Cushion® is an updated classic that resonates with sophistication and timeless beauty.

KOTLAR Cushion® Diamonds The KOTLAR Cushion® diamond is a modern interpretation of the classic cushion shape. The cushion shape, one of the oldest polished diamond shapes, is noted for its large crown and pavilion facets and a large open culet. The large facets were created to maximize the diamond’s appeal in candlelight, the main source of interior illumination prior to the 20th century. Unfortunately, the size, shape, and arrangement of these large facets completely drain the cushion shape of the fire and brilliance that has become the characteristic trademark of modern brilliant cut diamonds. The KOTLAR Cushion® recreates the cushion shape as a brilliant cut stone while maintaining the classic romantic look of the cushion. With 61 facets, no culet, and unyielding tolerances on proportions, the KOTLAR Cushion® stands alone as the diamond of choice for exceptional jewelry.

Henri Daussi

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Henri Daussi cushion diamond engagement rings wedding bands

Jeff Cooper

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Jeff Cooper is a modern designer of classically styled platinum bridal jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands. His Octoprong collection offers a unique setting for your engagement stone while his Lattice collection is world renowned for it"s flowing lines and eternal style.

La Reina

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Based out of Los Angeles, La Reina Collection has been designing jewelry for top retail stores in America, Europe and Asia. Headed by the vastly talented head designer, Samir Bhansali, its one of a kind designs have won over the admiration of many retailers and critics. Awards include the “Best Design award in the Couture by Town & Country Magazine 2007”, “runner-up award at the Town & Country awards for best designing at the Couture show 2006”, “the critics award for designing by JCK Luxury Magazine.

A third generation jeweler/diamond dealer, Samir was raised in Mumbai, India. Armed with a formal training in Fashion he always wanted to capture the elegance and beauty of diamonds with his sense of flair and flamboyance. He manages that through his extremely modern yet contemporary designs.

At Basel, Switzerland the designer will unveil one of its most awaited collections yet. Called “Evoluzione” it’s a collection of numbered jewelry pieces made up of titanium. The light weight material offers five times the creative possibility of gold.

Lauren K

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Lauren Kessler is a fourth generation jeweler. In the last decade she has carved a niche for herself in the prosperous family business N. Zaidens Co. (a leader in fine jewelry for nearly a century) with her eponymous line Lauren K. Intensely feminine with graceful details, the pieces are hailed as "modern day heirloom jewelry." From antique cushion-cut rings and diamond pendants to chandelier earrings and hand-hammered gold, the extensive line offers a substantial mix of fashionable designs with timeless appeal. The "bohemian chic" designs feature a rainbow of color with pink tourmalines, aquamarines, yellow beryls, and peridot, among other striking gems. Lauren's latest collections consist of long layered necklaces, rings in brushed yellow gold with gemstones in earthy hues, stacking bangles, and rose-cut sapphire rings. The surprisingly price-conscious line is a profusion of tempting creations, ranging from stylish daywear to exquisite statement pieces.

Le Vian Corp

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Martin Flyer Fine Jewelry Designers

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Martin Flyer has become a leader in platinum jewelry, focusing on timeless, classic styles. The company"s bridal line includes their popular FlyerFit™ wedding sets- engagement rings and wedding bands that fit snuggly together without sacrificing the style of the rings.


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M pearls are IT!

Pearls are the fashion story of a Season that will last for years. From baroque to button, every pearl’s a must-have. The only rules now are “Use Your Imagination.” Women all over the world are draping, layering and loving them. South Seas, Tahitians, Akoyas and revolutionary Freshwater pearls. One strand is fun, two are POW, ten are Wow. It’s a new pearl world and Mastoloni Pearls are the pearls to explore. It’s all about mixing, not matching, so pile on the pearls and enjoy.

Maurice Lacroix

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Maurice Lacroix has set itself a clear objective: both through consistent preservation of the long tradition of the Swiss watchmaking art and meeting its high standards innovative complications and movement developments, contemporary design.

Meira T

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Meira T The Meira T collection is chic sophisticated feminine and affordable. From Yellow gold and diamond textured necklaces and earrings to gemstone and diamond rings Meira T combines designer sophistication and unique creativity. The collection is constantly evolving to meet and dictate jewelry fashion. Meira T's collection of pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and long chains are what make Meira T so popular. The collection has graced the pages of many fashion magazines and TV shows. Meira T shares an intuition with the women she designs for creating jewelry that is "designed for a woman by a woman" .

Michael B

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California designer Michael Bogosian, better know as Michael B, is best known for his distinctively designed wedding bands and engagement rings in lace and pave diamond settings. Michael B was the first to implement Micro Pave, a method of setting ultra-miniature diamonds around the center stone and later introduced the Trois Collection, which incorporates a matching band on each side of the engagement ring.

Michael Bondanza

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Michael Bondanza is a gifted designer with a passion for art and jewelry. His jewelry career began in the early 70’s with his desire to create a western style belt buckle for himself. Native American images set him on his first path. However, with his growing mastery of technique, a more personal sense of design began to evolve. Michael became increasingly aware of the quality of craft and the level of design he wanted to aspire to. His two favorite designers were Georg Jensen and the early work of Cartier.

Michael started experimenting in sterling silver, 18kt gold, and rosewood. The response to his work was tremendous, and the enthusiasm for his creativity and uniqueness encouraged him to begin experimenting with platinum. His innovative designs and imaginative concepts, along with the complex combinations of platinum and 18kt gold attracted the most distinguishable retailers in the fine jewelry business.

Over the years, Michael has won numerous international awards for his creative use of platinum, and his designs have won him notoriety amongst the designer community. He has received many prestigious honors for his work, and has been witness to continual success.

Michael M

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The meeting of modern and old-world is a fine line that few can navigate. Enter Michael M, a designer who passionately embraces traditional European jewelry design while staying true to the needs of today's bride. Each piece, handcrafted in his Los Angeles-based design studio, is held to the highest standards of artistry, quality and elegance. Michael M designs have graced the pages of leading fashion magazines, sparkled on the silver screen and dazzled on the red carpet.

Movado Watch Co

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Novell Design Studio

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What comes from the heart Novell Design Studio feels that everything does. From the heart comes love. And from love comes life it is an everlasting progression. We create this proof of love especially for you. A symbol that is evidenced in a perfect, unending circle. The shape is as continuous as your passion.

Novell captures love through art and your imagination. True inner spirit is reflected through vision. Your bridal jewelry will remind you again and again that you only wear what meets your expectations.


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Oris watches embody the value of the watchmaker’s art with their superior expression of high technology and the fine traditions of Swiss horology. Founded in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, Oris is based in Holstein, Switzerland and has an established relationship with the worlds of sport, music, and the arts. In 1968, Oris obtained a full chronometer certification from the Neuchatel Observatory, one of the highest forms of recognition that exist for timepiece accuracy. Today Oris watches span formal and dress watches to precision instruments for use by divers, drivers, and pilots alike. They combine the fascination of a micro-mechanism heart with a stylish appearance, and Oris watches are a superior expression of the high technology and long tradition of Swiss horology. Just turn your watch over to see the movement through the display window; if you see a flash of red, you've got the right watch, because at the heart of every Oris beats a red rotor. Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry is an authorized Oris designer watch retailer. To see the entire line visit or visit the Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry #online showroom#.

Parade Designs

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There are special moments in life that deserve remembrances. You know them when you feel a triumph in your heart and a song in your soul. With mother natures most radiant stones and earths most talented designers we've managed to capture passion, beauty, brilliance, radiance, style and celebration in our jewelry designs. Whether your style is sweet or sophisticated, traditional or modern, there is something for everyone in our dazzlingly diverse collection. We invite you to share the ultimate expression of joy. Celebrate with a Parade. Visit the Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry #online showroom# for Parade designer jewelry.

Penny Preville Fine Jewelry Designers

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Famous for her Signature Jewelry Designs with Femininity and Luxury

Penny Preville has been fascinated by jewelry ever since she was a little girl. Inspired by her grandmother's collection, Penny Preville jewelry designs have matured from her earlier pieces crafted from seashells and glass beads to exquisite 18 karat gold and platinum signature pieces that encompass all that is femininity and luxury.

"Jewelry is very personal and individual to the wearer," says Penny Preville, "My goal is to keep designing pieces that will make a woman look and feel fabulous about herself."

Penny Preville's philosophy is to design jewelry for all facets of a woman's life. "It is all about lifestyle and building a wardrobe of jewelry." Influenced by fashion and culture, Penny Preville uses her eye for intricate detail along with her natural-born skills to mix and match materials into a technique that frames all that is femininity and luxury.

Penny Preville - An Award Winning Tradition of Femininity in Jewelry Design

Penny Preville jewelry designs have been recognized form many industry awards in excellence staring with the 1978 Jewelers of America New Designer of the Year Award. In 1990 Penny Preville was rated as one of the Top Ten Best Designers setting trends in the Jewelry industry,

Penny Preville jewelry was again awarded in 1995 with the Blenheim Award for Continued Excellence in Design. She received further accolades in 1997 with the Award for Excellence in Design from the Women's Jewelers Association.

Top awards withstanding, Penny Preville jewelry comprises of some of the most striking and beautiful pieces around and they would a wonderful addition to your collection.

Peter Storm

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A major theme in all Peter Storm's designs is illusion. The diamonds in each of his pieces are presented to speak for themselves. His use of shadow and space allows the eye to focus on the diamonds and nothing else.

Peter Storm is the first designer to create "Floating Diamonds", princess cut diamonds set point to point, that appear to float with no visible metal holding the stones. All his designs are special in their simplicity and drama.

Using fine platinum and lustrous 18kt gold, Peter fashions jewelry that is both timeless and contemporary. Impeccable craftsmanship, hand finishing and minute attention to detail are hallmarks of Peter Storm designs.

Peter listens carefully and constantly to his clients and incorporates fresh ideas into his designs.

Raymond Weil Usa

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It has taken RAYMOND WEIL less than a quarter of a century to emerge as one of the great Swiss Watchmakers. The company was created in 1976 by a true visionary, at a time when the watch industry was in crisis. Raymond Weil, then aged 50, drew on his boundless enthusiasm to develop his own brand.

With a presence in more than 80 countries, the brand is solidly established on all continents. But it remains foremost a family owned company, making it unique in the world of watchmaking.

The RAYMOND WEIL Guarantee is for a period of two years from its date of purchase. This guarantee, valid internationally, applies only to watches purchased at an approved RAYMOND WEIL dealer.

Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry is an authorized RAYMOND WEIL designer watch retailer.


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Since its inception ten years ago, Rebecca has taken every market by storm. Alessandro Testi created the Rebecca collection by utilizing a proprietary 18-karat gold gilding process, semiprecious gems and innovative designs. Rebecca created the world wide phenomenon of Italian fashion Jewelry.

Rembrandt Charms

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Today’s Charms…Tomorrow’s Heirlooms. A charm is a sentimental journey you can hold in your hand…to relive precious memories…recall special occasions, for your lifetime and to pass on for generations.

Rembrandt Charms is world-renowned for superb craftsmanship and a stunning collection featuring thousands of charm styles. Only Rembrandt has earned the title, The World’s Largest Charm Collection by offering each charm style in five different precious metals: sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow gold, and 14k yellow and white. Rembrandt is a family-owned business that has been designing and manufacturing charms and charm bracelets for over 40 years.

Each charm is hand-polished and comes with a lifetime warranty. Visit the Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry #online showroom# for Rembrandt Charms.


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Designed and hand crafted in New York, Ritani engagement rings and wedding bands are made using only the world"s most beautiful diamonds and fine metals.

Sara Blaine

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Sara Blaine designs mixes bold tones and textures to create wearable art for all. Her medium of choice is Sterling Silver mixed with 18k and 22k gold. Sara's signature lace work enhances her hand picked flawless gemstones, some of which are London Blue Topaz, Green Amethyst, Blue Sapphire and Prehnite. Sara also uses myriads of other stones in other collections.

Sara's mantra, "elegance meets colour meets quality" allows for her jewelry to be worn for casual, fun or formal wear.

Visit the Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry #online# showroom for the jewelry designs of Sara Blaine.

Scott Kay

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Scott Kay creates engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry that are classic and innovative. Scott Kay"s hand sculpted artisanship is evident in his designs, promising a treasure to be passed down through generations.

Simon G

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Simon G. is a designer of engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. His passion for jewelry is evident in each minimal detail in his fine jewelry creations.

Sk Cobalt

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SK Cobalt bands are created from BioBlu™27. BioBlu™27 is the whitest, most superior and durable contemporary metal offered on the market today. It is so white it mirrors that of Platinum, does not tarnish, and never needs to be plated.

Swiss Army

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Innovation, value and precision have put Swiss Army Products in the news since 1891. Swiss Army equips adventurers, explorers and accountants all over the world as they journey into the headlines.

All Swiss Army Watches are backed by a three-year limited warranty. The battery change should be performed by a qualified technician who should also check the condition of the gaskets and the O-ring at the same time. Swiss Army watches must be repaired by an Authorized Service Center or the warranty is void.

Tacori Fine Jewelry Designers

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Tacori is one of the most sought after jewelry designers in the world. From engagement rings and wedding bands to fashion jewelry, Solomon Brothers offers the largest selection of Tacori jewelry. Click here to view our entire Tacori jewelry collection

Tacori 18K925

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Tacori debuts the all new 18k925 Collection. Seriously stylish, with playful, color filled gemstones and unique details, the 18k925 Collection is a modern take on iconic glamour.


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Tissot embodies 150 years of innovation and Swiss watch-making tradition.World leader in the traditional Swiss watch segment, its mission is to offer to a wide public a range of high quality timepieces at an affordable price. As official timekeeper for the world championships in cycling, motorcycling, fencing and ice hockey, Tissot underlines the sporting values of quest for performance, precision and pushing oneself to the limit.

Based in Le Locle in Switzerland and present in more than 150 countries around the world, Tissot has been, since 1983, member of the Swatch Group, the biggest watch producer and distributor in the world.

Your Tissot watch is warranted by Tissot S.A. for a period of Twenty-four(24) months from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty. The international Tissot warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of delivery of the purchased Tissot watch (defects).


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Verragio is known for their high quality, innovative, and elegant engagement rings and bridal jewelry designs

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