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What is grading reports, and why is it so important?

Grading reports by a reputable gemologist or team of gemologists is your assurance of a diamond’s quality and attributes. Referred to as a diamond certificate, diamond dossier, or diamond quality document, your report will include an unbiased analysis of the diamond’s unique 4C characteristics and a diagram mapping all of its inclusions.

Since no two diamonds are alike, this certification acts as an identity card for your diamond. It can be very helpful if you ever need to identify your diamond (ie: if the ring gets lost or stolen, or if you want to confirm you get the right diamond back after submitting it for repair).

It's not uncommon, depending on which EGL lab report to see a difference of one and four color grades and one to two clarity grades when compared to the GIA report.

  • At Solomon Brothers, we can also provide appraisals by a professional gemologist for insurance purposes.

One of the largest and most respected grading labs is the Geological Institute of America (GIA).


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