Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut

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Cut is often considered the most important of the four C's.

This is because the cut of a diamond determines its brilliance (the amount of light reflected).

When rough diamonds are mined, they emerge in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Highly skilled diamond cutters then cut and polish these stones to remove flaws and inclusions (tiny particles) – ideally taking out as many as possible while still preserving as much of the diamond retaining its brilliance.

At Solomon Brothers, we cut and polish our own diamonds to ensure greater quality. Our cutters use sophisticated computerized systems to measure the light-reflecting qualities of our stones and create superior brilliance.

Too Shallow

Too Deep

Ideal Cut

If a diamond's cut is too shallow, the
light that enters the diamond will leak
out of the bottom.

If a diamond's cut is too deep,
the light will reflect out of the side.

An "ideal" cut will reflect the maximum
amount of light through the top of the
diamond - created a radiant sparkle that
travels straight back to the viewer's eye.

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