Doris Panos

Doris Panos

“Dare to be Different”

Doris Panos knows every aspect of her industry inside and out. Although she is a young woman still, she has nearly twenty-six years of experience in jewelry making, beginning when she was just barely a teenager working in her brother-in-law’s factory. She apprenticed in the jewelry industry while pursuing a business and marketing degree at St. John’s University. After graduating she began by apprenticing at the bench and learning the intricate engineering techniques that are involved in the manufacturing process.

Once she mastered the engineering side, she moved on to learning about diamonds and colored stones and there multi faceted aspects. Establishing her contrasts and enriching her knowledge of diamonds and precious & semi precious stones enabled her to master the gemological part of the trade. The gems and metals are not merely the materials which she worked. They became her passion. Doris turned nature’s gifts into masterpieces.

After working in the gemstone market for three years and having acquired the knowledge of production and gemology necessary, it was time to tackle the retail and corporate ends. Working in various establishments and enriching her experience in the industry, finally led her to New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue in the mid eighties. Doris was finally able to put her knowledge and charismatic personality in her sales approach. To her delight, she was asked to hold seminars where she taught her personal style to other aspiring sales associates. Moving on to prestigious retail establishments she was given the opportunity to create her own collections. After an astounding positive response to her unique style, she was encouraged to pursue her own individual career.

In 1993, Doris Panos Designs, LTD. was established. In a very short period of time Doris earned the respect and admiration of her peers with her distinctive style and versatile creations. Her name and designs landed her a reputation of a well branded designer. From the beginning, Doris was involved in every aspect of her company from advertising, marketing and public relations to personal appearances and trunk shows. Through working with clients on a one-to-one basis during these shows. Doris was able to better understand and create unique and versatile designs for today’s woman. In October 2007, Doris opened her first boutique in her hometown Long Island, which will better allow Doris to develop a close and personal relationship with customers, before she proceeds to the next step, opening more boutiques worldwide. The retail boutique is a testament of Doris Panos’ enduring legacy of luxury and timeless design.

Doris’s motto: Bigger is better. If you’re not making a statement don’t bother. Style with a classic flair describes the designs of Doris Panos. A glimpse inside the world of Doris Panos is a kaleidoscope of contrasts that meld together in perfect union. Doris is at once Old World grace and sophistication mixed with contemporary chic and soulful sensuality. Her designs, likewise, evince the juxtaposition of timeless with avant-garde. Doris is the cutting edge of fashion, a trendsetter with unique vision.

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