Hamilton Usa

Hamilton Usa

Hamilton watches' devotion to keeping accurate time began with its origins in the 1890's, during the height of the train travel era in America. The Hamilton watch became known as the "watch of railroad accuracy", an accolade earned for the timepiece's accuracy and dependability which helped to prevent the epidemic of train crashes of the time.

As a testament to their accuracy, Hamilton watches later were used by the early air mail pilots and as the official timepiece of many airlines in the 1930's.

The styling innovation of the Hamilton watch has today made it a fashion watch. Hamilton's varied range of watch styles, from classic to retro chic has reinforced the relationship the brand has with Hollywood as it has provided actors, actresses, prop masters, film makers and costume designers with endless styling options. The 1990's mark Hamilton's continual presence both on the wrists of the stars as their personal choice and as their co-stars on the silver screen.

Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry is an authorized Hamilton designer watch retailer.

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