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California designer Michael Bogosian, better known as Michael B, is best known for his distinctively designed wedding bands and engagement rings in lace and pave diamond settings.

In the early 1990s Michael B. began designing jewelry, using platinum to create innovative and spectacular designs. He was the first to implement Micro Pave, a method of setting ultra-miniature diamonds around the center stone and later introduced the Trois Collection, which incorporates a matching band on each side of the engagement ring. Additionally, Michael was also first to focus not just on the outside of the ring but on the bottom and inside as well, eliminating unsightly holes inside his ring designs.

Michael B. jewelry has its roots in the centuries old jewelry making culture of Istanbul. At the age of 10 he carried on his father's legacy and began a full-time apprenticeship with one of the finest jewelry houses in Istanbul. By age 16, he had learned every facet of the trade, cultivating the highest level of skills a jeweler could achieve in diamond setting, metal, and design. He later moved to the United States and within a few years had developed a reputation as the finest jeweler in the area.

Michael B. engagement rings are extremely customizable to fit every woman's unique personality and taste. All Michael B. rings are handcrafted by a master jeweler, who then leaves his or her initial embossed on your ring much like an artist's signature on a painting.

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