Orlando Orlandini

Orlando Orlandini

The Atelier of Orlando Orlandini was born in 1983, when Orlando, his wife Carmela and his sons Lidia and Paladino purchased on the hills of Chianti an ancient convent dating back to 1300, which they gradually transformed into an Atelier as well as into their private house.

The Orlandini’s collections, many of which have an official patent, are the final result of a intense study both in their technical and esthetical aspects carried out by  Orlando and Paladino  by using ancient techniques.

Because the manufacture is so special and unique, the staff is trained directly in the laboratory of the Atelier by Orlando and Paladino in their role of designers.

Each piece of  jewellery is a unique item or produced in a limited edition. Further they  are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the author.

These extraordinary creations conquer the most sophisticated clientele all over the world and have been obtaining important acknowledgements in various prestigious and international shows. The company has already deserved eight Awards making of  Orlando and Paladino some of the major golden smith artists.

They were recently offered to permanently exhibit some of their most representative jewels at the International Museum of the Artist’s Jewel located in the famous Pitti Palace in Florence.

Lady Diana was a sophisticated client who greatly admired Orlandini’s jewelry creations.

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