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Scott Kay jewelry designs are classic and innovative. Credited for the platinum resurgence in America after it was taken away from the American public during World War II, Scott is one of the world's premier jewelry designers who is sought after by many. Each and every one of his designs is hand-crafted and hand-forged to perfection - a testament to his personal credo: Never Compromise. This steadfast ethic follows into every aspect of his lifestyle, from designing classic and innovative fine jewelry to educating the industry and consumers on seldom discussed, yet critical fine jewelry and relationship-based issues.

Scott attributes his success to an intense passion and focus in every endeavor. His wisdom is cultivated from years of fashion and bridal expertise and was nurtured by his passion for the industry. His dedication to crafting fine jewelry has led to Scott Kay engagement rings being one of the leading best-selling bridal brands.

Scott Kay's hand-sculpted artisanship is evident in each of his collections of engagement rings, wedding rings, men's wedding bands, and eternity bands, promising a treasure to be passed down through generations. In addition to gold, platinum, and palladium Scott Kay rings, Scott Kay cobalt wedding bands are among the finest contemporary metal wedding rings available.

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