I just wanted to take this opportunity to again express my gratitude for your employee Ashley Mun. Ashley Mun was the Quintessential reason I decided to purchase at Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelers. Having worked within the public and private sectors - before opening my own practice, I am familiar with what I will call "Performance Awards" ( often given to outstanding employees who have demonstrated exceptional standards). I hope that you will consider Ashley Mun for a "Performance Award" for her exceptional service she provided me during my interaction with her via the telephone and internet. I cannot say enough about her integrity and professionalism with respect to representing Solomon Brothers and my purchasing experience. Ashley is truly an asset to the Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelers establishment.
John D

Terry, just wanted to say thank you for your time and effort. The ring was absolutely gorgeous. It was exactly what I wanted and I know she will be thrilled. If you guys ever need a solid reference, I would be more than happy to give you a good word. I will definitely be calling you when we decide to purchase bands.

Wonderful! I don't know how anyone could shop elsewhere. Thank you. You'll be seeing me in the next couple weeks with my first portion of cash for to place the order. Have a good day!

I just wanted to thanks you for the great deal you provided me on my recent purchase at Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry. The ring is great! I did propose to my girlfriend this week and she loves it. She even said yes and was totally surprised. She said it was just perfect. It was way better then a marquis diamond. Thanks for the suggestion! I am positive that we will be back soon to work with you on our future jewelry purchases. Again, thank you for your great customer service and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Rebecca, sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you (I have been very busy this week), but I received the diamond and I LOVE IT!!! Its even better than I thought it would be. A family friend who is a jeweler could not believe that I got such a great diamond for such a low price. I'm very happy with it and I want to thank you for all of your help in finding it for me. I really appreciate it. Trust me I will be telling my friends about buying their diamonds from you.
Thanks again,

I received everything yesterday. They look great. I really appreciate your help. You have been the best jeweler I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I am on many forums and there is usually a jewelry question on where to buy. I'll be sending everyone I come across your way. I may be talking to you next holiday or birthday for something for Janis.
Thanks again for your help.

Robert, thank you again for all of your help. I am completely satisfied with my new ring and I have you to thank for helping make my decisions. Thank you for help make this experience a positive one!

Janice, I received my ring this morning. It is perfect!!! I can't thank you enough for your sense of urgency and your exceptional customer service. I don't even know how to express my gratitude. A simple 'thank you' seems so insignificant but that is all I have to offer. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!

She (and everyone else who has seen it) absolutely loves it!! You and I did great! With the little guidance I gave, you made it exactly how I wanted. It couldn't have been better if I was standing over your shoulder while it was being made.

I asked a friend of mine where to go for the ring. He recommended you guys because of a previous recommendation from another friend. All 3 of us are Army aviators at Dobbins in Marietta. I'll be sure to continue the string of recommendations and send someone your way!
Thanks again!!

Robert, we have not met but I was in your jewelry story at 3340 Peachtree Road yesterday and worked with Susan Siegelson Dair to purchase an engagement ring. Wendy and I had been shopping a while and has been "worked" by a number of salesmen to the point of doing quite a bit of research about diamonds on our own. We went to your Website first and liked how straightforward it was. We jotted a few SKEW numbers down and decided to stop by later in the morning. We had no intention of leaving with a diamond ring.

Most people have a built in resistance to retail sales people; not me. I appreciate being "sold" something by someone who knows what they are talking about, whether it is a suit, a car, a house or a diamond. When the sales person is good everyone comes away from the transaction satisfied and we certainly had that sense when we purchased our ring from Susan yesterday. I made a point of calling her this morning and telling her how much we enjoyed working with her.

Susan greeted us almost immediately after we were buzzed in. She was warm, accessible and friendly. She listened to us and being the good salesperson she is she sized us up quickly and knew exactly where to direct us. We never referred to the numbers we'd written down on the internet. What was quite apparent to us was that once Susan initially pointed us in a direction she backed off and let us apply our own criteria and narrow down the choices. As she learned more about what we liked and what we were like she made additional suggestions. As we found things we liked she put them in a "tray" so we'd know what we had narrowed your vast selection down to. We were very conscious that she was working a sale but never felt like she pressuring or pushing us; the difference between attention to the customer and pressure is, as I am sure you appreciate, remarkable. Her attention on us was very welcoming and helpful.

When we got to the "diamond" room and she showed us stones, I appreciated her openness and her reaction to stones, cuts and tables that she thought were "off" in some way given the setting that we'd chosen. Her knowledge of stones is very apparent but she does not overpower you with it. She included us in a process that we found very comforting, and ultimately very pleasing.

We are very happy about our purchase. What I guess sums up the experience for us is that as we excitedly discussed the process we ended by saying "What's nice about that place is that I definitely feel like we will go back there."

Thanks for you time, your wonderful selection and wonderful personnel choice in Susan.

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