A European sensibility, glamorous yet timeless, is instilled into every piece of The Zeghani Collection. Created with unmatched integrity and attention to detail, Zeghani jewelry is distinctive; it is cultured and sophisticated, yet fashion forward. The Zeghani Collection is well designed and appeals to a fashionable lifestyle-driven consumer, who enjoys luxurious jewelry and appreciates quality. The Collection is designed to be an affordable option for today's stylish young woman.


Featuring a vast and affordable variety designed to fit any lifestyle, The Zeghani Collection has been created to be embraced by today's luxury driven young woman.

Each piece is crafted with the same integrity, European sensibility, and attention to detail the industry has come to expect from the Ghanimian Family. The Zeghani name is derived from the combination of my nickname, "Zee" and our family name, Ghanimian, to symbolize my brother, Hratch's and my generation. The Zeghani line has been designed in order to accommodate the needs of today's emerging lifestyle.

In addition to its attractive and intricate styling, Zeghani is backed by the strong position we have been blessed to hold in the jewelry industry for over twenty-five years. Taking into consideration the changes in today's world market, the Zeghani brand is simply defining affordable luxury.

The Zeghani Collection is distinctive, cultured, sophisticated, and fashion forward. We hope in considering this innovative new line, you will be as pleased as we have been with its success.

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