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5 Steps to Understanding What Your Jewelry Is Worth

November 22nd, 2023

So, you’ve found yourself staring at that old jewelry box, your eyes glinting as bright as the dusty gemstones inside. You can’t help but wonder, what is my jewelry worth? Or maybe, like many of us, you’ve had a moment of revelation while spring cleaning. You’re in the right place to turn your appraisal pondering into knowledge. Stay tuned, and we’ll reveal the secrets of your trinkets!

5 Steps To Knowing What Your Jewelry Is Worth

If you’re not a jewelry expert, the process of determining the value of your jewelry can be quite daunting. However, with our five-step guide, you’ll get to know all the important tips and tricks to evaluate your jewelry accurately.

1. Check Hallmarks

Jewelry pieces are often stamped with marks that indicate the purity of their metal content. For gold, this could be a number from 1 to 24 to denote the karat weight or a three-digit number for platinum jewelry. Sterling silver usually has a stamp of “925” or “sterling.” These hallmarks can give you an idea of the metal’s value in your jewelry piece.

2. Look for Wearing

If you’re assessing your jewelry at home, wear and tear can give you clues on its value. Check for signs of rubbing or scratching around the edges and surfaces of your piece. This could indicate a lower karat weight when it comes to gold or lesser-quality stones.

3. Try The Magnet Test

Magnetic materials are not typically used in fine jewelry, so if your piece reacts to a magnet, it’s likely not made of precious metals. However, some high-end brands use magnetic clasps on their pieces, so though this test is not conclusive, it can give you an indication of what your item might be worth.

4. Inspect Prongs

If your jewelry has stones in it, inspect the prongs that hold them in place. If they are loose, bent, or missing altogether, this can significantly affect the worth of your piece. For the best price, make sure to have any damaged prongs repaired before getting an appraisal.

5. Get An Appraisal

After completing these initial steps, you may have a better idea of what your jewelry is worth on your own. However, for a professional opinion and accurate value, it’s best to get an appraisal from a reputable source. At Solomon Brothers, our team of certified gemologists can provide you with a detailed appraisal report based on market research, current trends, and industry standards.

The Appraisal Process at Solomon Brothers

At Solomon Brothers Jewelry, our appraisal process starts with a thorough examination of your jewelry piece by one of our experienced gemologists. They will then use their knowledge and expertise to determine the value of your jewelry based on various factors, including materials, craftsmanship, market demand, and more.

After completing the evaluation process, you will receive a detailed appraisal report that includes a description of your piece, measurements, and weights, quality of materials and stones, as well as an estimated retail value. These reports can be used for insurance purposes, estate planning, or any other personal needs.

Enlist Solomon Brothers For All Jewelry Appraisal Needs

Now that you know the importance of getting your jewelry appraised and how our process works, it’s time to take action. Don’t let those valuable pieces gather dust in your jewelry box any longer! Get in touch with us at Solomon Brothers Jewelry today for a professional appraisal and discover the true worth of your jewelry.