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What Is The Best Material For A Men’s Wedding Band

March 15th, 2022

Wedding Bands

You’ve spent hours choosing an engagement ring that your fiance will fall in love with, and you nailed it. That’s awesome, but now it’s time to find a wedding band that’s the perfect fit for you. Where to start? 

It can feel overwhelming to choose a wedding ring, especially if you aren’t used to wearing jewelry.  Luckily, Solomon Brothers has got you covered. Below is the breakdown of the different types of men’s wedding bands, by durability and budget: 

Best Men’s Wedding Band Materials For Buyer On A Budget

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is perhaps the most budget-friendly ring available, but it’s also going to need a lot of polishing. However, it’s much more durable than sterling silver.


Cobalt is another white metal ring that’s extremely budget-friendly. It’s heavier than titanium but more lightweight than tungsten, therefore making a comfortable ring to wear. It’s also scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, but keep in mind that it cannot be resized.

Best Men’s Wedding Band Materials For Luxury Buyers


Perhaps the most traditional choice, gold comes in a variety of colors – yellow, white, and rose gold. Something to keep in mind when purchasing gold is that the higher the karat, the more malleable it is. The standard size karat that most people purchase is 14 – 18k. A few things to keep in mind with a gold wedding band is that it scratches easily, and needs to be polished regularly, but it can be fitted with gemstones if you are into a little extra bling.


Palladium is another white metal that is more lightweight than platinum. It’s more expensive than other bands and scratches more easily than platinum. It’s also more difficult to resize, but it’s also hypoallergenic and can be fitted with gemstones.


Platinum may be perhaps the most popular metal for both men and women, maybe because it holds its luster well and is the strongest of the precious metals. It also resists tarnishing and can also be engraved or set with gemstones. It is, though, one of the most expensive metals that you could buy.


Titanium is an excellent choice because it’s such a strong, yet lightweight metal that is resistant to tarnish and is very comfortable to wear. It’s also hypoallergenic, but due to its hardness, it also can’t be resized. This one is a terrific choice if you have a very active lifestyle.


Tungsten might not be an obvious choice, but it also doesn’t tarnish, it also rarely scratches, and it’s a very durable metal. It comes in gray and black and is a good metal for engraving, but it also can’t be resized, but it’s also hypoallergenic and never needs polishing. 


As you can see, when purchasing a wedding band you need to take into consideration how active your lifestyle is, any allergies you might have, and your budget. When looking for the perfect band to suit your style, you’re in good hands with Solomon Brothers.