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Finding the perfect engagement ring isn’t just about selecting a diamond or other stone that speaks to your heart—it’s also important to find a metal that complements both your skin tone and personal style. Every piece of jewelry is unique, so understanding which type of metal works best for you will help ensure your engagement ring looks great and stands out. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to find the right metal for your engagement ring from Atlanta jewelers.


To determine which metal is best for you, consider your undertones (warm vs. cool). Typically, a warm undertone means you look better in gold and cooler undertones mean you look more flattering in silver.

So if you look better in yellow, coral-pink, and warm earth-tone colors, the odds are that gold looks better on you. If you look better in icy blues, purples, and whites—silver will probably be more flattering for you.

Consider the Jewelry You Wear Often

Do you usually wear more gold or silver jewelry? Knowing which type of jewelry is your go-to will help narrow down the metal options for your ring. For example, if you usually wear gold jewelry, consider going with a 14K or 18K yellow gold.

If you prefer silver jewelry, think about white gold, sterling silver, or palladium for your engagement ring.

Do the Color and Stone Make a Good Pair?

If you’ve chosen a colored stone for your engagement ring, consider whether the color of the metal complements it. You want to make sure the two colors work together and look good when combined.

If you’ve chosen a light-colored stone, opt for a white gold or palladium ring. And if you’ve selected a darker stone, choose a yellow-gold diamond or two-tone ring.

Metal Options For the Perfect Engagement Ring

Once you have considered all these factors, you can decide which type of metal works best for your engagement ring. The following are some popular metal options from Atlanta jewelers for engagement rings:

  • 14K Gold – This is a popular choice for engagement rings and contains 58.3% pure gold
  • 14k Pink Gold – Ideal for those who prefer a warmer hue, this metal consists of 58.5% gold
  • 14k Two Tone – A blend of yellow and white gold that adds color and texture to your ring
  • 14k White – Gives your ring a cool, icy look
  • 14k White Gold – Made from 56% gold and 10 parts alloy metals
  • 14k Yellow Gold – A traditional choice that is 58.3% pure gold
  • 18K Gold – This metal contains 75% gold and 25% alloy metals 
  • 18k Two Tone – Like the 14k option, this is a blend of yellow and white gold that adds color and texture to your ring
  • 18k White Gold – Designed with 75% gold and alloy metals for a bright look
  • 18k Yellow Gold – Contains 75% gold and 25% alloy metals
  • Palladium – A beautiful metal that is naturally white and provides durability
  • Platinum – Stronger than other metals, this choice also has a luxurious hue
  • Sterling Silver– Popular for its affordability and brilliance
  • Titanium – This is an incredibly strong metal that offers a unique look

Once you’ve considered your undertones, the type of jewelry you wear most often, and what color goes best with your stone choice, finding the right metal with the right Atlanta jewelers for your engagement ring should be easy. With so many metal options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit! And if you’re still unsure, contact Atlanta jewelers to get advice.

Solomon Brothers Jewelry is Your Atlanta Jewelers

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