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All jewelry requires to be washed to maintain its integrity and sparkle. How you clean your jewelry matters a lot because you might corrode, chip, or misplace a part of that rare, beautiful, and expensive diamond jewelry unless you are careful. How do you clean your diamond earrings? That is a good question.

How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Earrings?

It is an important question for anyone with some diamond earrings in their jewelry collection. If you wear them often, it is advisable to wash them weekly. It is also advisable to have a professional clean them for you once or twice a year. The visit to the professional is a good opportunity to see if the earrings require any repair.

Important Tips For Cleaning Your Diamond Earrings

The cleaning process is straightforward, but there are a few tips to learn and observe for an easier process.

  • Check if there are chips or cracks that the cleaning process may worsen.
  • To avoid lint on your diamond earrings, use a microfiber cloth or one designed specifically for cleaning jewelry.
  • Avoid taking off your earrings at the sink. If you are washing them at the sink, ensure that the sink is plugged to avoid losing them to the sink drain.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals such as window and glass cleaners, as they will corrode your earrings.
  • Rinse off all the soap to avoid a dull look and restore their luster.

Items For Cleaning Your Earrings

  • A small basin
  • Warm water
  • Unscented mild liquid detergent
  • A Soft-bristled brush
  • A Microfiber cloth

The Procedure For Cleaning Your Diamond Earrings

  1. Prepare some warm water and place it in the small basin. Hot water will damage the earrings.
  2. Add a small amount of the mild liquid detergent and swirl to mix it properly. The detergent should not have added dyes and scents that compromise the diamond’s integrity.
  3. Place the earrings in warm soapy water to soak for about thirty minutes. As they soak, occasionally move them around to assist in dirt removal.
  4. One by one, gently brush with the soft-bristled brush to remove dirt in every crevice. You may use a child’s toothbrush since they have very soft bristles.
  5. Rinse off all the dirt and soap using clean, warm water.
  6. Use the microfiber cloth to dry the diamond. 

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