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 If you own more than one diamond ring, you might have wondered whether you can put all of them on at once. Wearing multiple rings is a popular trend known as ring stacking.

Why Do You Wear Multiple Diamond Rings?

Wearing multiple rings depends on personal mood, taste, and occasion. There are no set rules, and it’s not limited to engagement rings and wedding bands. Similar to multiple necklaces, you can wear as many rings. But, try not to overdo it.

How To Wear Multiple Diamond Rings?

Ring stacking is entirely based on personality and the statement you want to make with your overall look. 

However, we have a few tips on how to wear your multiple diamond rings to create a perfect and brilliant ring stack.

Mixing Metals

Combining rose gold and yellow rings can create a harmonious and ravishing diamond stack. Since the hues contrast, they form a set of diamond glitters that draws attention. Also, two-stoned bands create a good combination. If you want to style things up, try to alternate yellow, white, and red diamond rings on your fingers.

Mixing Shapes

Besides mixing metals, you can mix different diamond shapes to achieve an appealing ring stack. To do so, match various shapes of round-cut wedding bands with a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring.

Mixing Gemstones and Colored Diamonds

Try to mix gemstones with exotic-colored diamonds to create a striking diamond stack. Combining different sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts with yellow and pink diamonds works best.

Modern and Vintage

If you want a unique diamond stack, mix modern and vintage diamond rings. Apart from being fashionable, a stack of vintage diamonds draws attention to the historical heritage. This combination of old-school and new-school makes a bold statement in the industry.

Bridal Sets

Another way of donning a perfect diamond stack is by opting for low-priced bridal sets with stacked wedding ring sets.

Factors To Consider When Wearing Multiple Diamond Rings

When unsure of how to go about the rings to put on, follow this quick guide on factors to consider when wearing multiple diamond rings:

Day’s Activities

Avoid ring stacking if you work in a busy environment with numerous tasks.

Your Rings History

Your ring should complement your personality, so be cautious when selecting one.


To improve the appearance of the ring stack, make sure you maintain proportionality. For tiny fingers, consider wearing compact and light rings. Whereas, for large and narrow fingers, choose giant rings.

Equal Distribution

Distribute the rings well on your fingers for a better appearance. You can stack your rings in odd numbers of 3 and 5.


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