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The Fourth of July is an excellent time to honor and thank those who have served, or are currently serving, in the military. These brave individuals have sacrificed so much for our country, including their time spent with loved ones. This is why those in the military tend to have military weddings that can fit into their uncertain schedules. These unique ceremonies have characteristics that are different from traditional weddings but are still a joyful celebration for everyone! Take a look at this article written by our guest blogger, Military Travel Mama, to learn all about military weddings and what makes them special!



3 Things That Make Military Weddings Unique

Some people will tell you that every wedding is the same. However, each one of us (maybe even secretly) wishes for his/her special day to be very special and different from the others.

Well, all of them who are serving in the Army and are destined to have a military-style wedding are actually the lucky ones, as their wedding ceremony will most likely be way different.

What is it that makes military-themed weddings different comparing to traditional ones?

In this article, we will give you (at least) 3 reasons of what makes military weddings truly stand out.


Organizing and planning a military wedding poses great challenges for the bride and the groom-to-be. Living military life usually comes with often deployments and frequent absence from home.

That being said, it’s not so rare that the actual ceremony takes place in many unusual places such as a military base for example. Without being able to be absent from his base of operations, there is not much left for the groom than to get married with his beloved straight on base.

With what’s going to be a real military-themed wedding in word’s essence, a soon-to-be-married couple is also going to take advantage of perks given to them in the form of discounts they can get by getting married inside the military chapel and with the receptions hosted inside the base restaurant.

Also worth noting, lots of companies are keen on giving discounts to those who are serving the country. So it’s advisable for military couples to save a dollar or two and to grab a discount on wedding rings, cakes, music, or anything else wedding-related.




It’s common to see lots of military uniforms and suits present at the military wedding. If a bride is the one serving the Army, she is not expected to get married wearing her uniform. However, it is usual for her to give credit to her military roots by wearing boots underneath her wedding dress, which is another thing you won’t see at the usual wedding.

As for the other guests who are not in the military, challenge coins with certain insignia are often presented to them, so they don’t feel disadvantaged against military-serving attendees of the wedding wearing their medals, ribbons and alike.

Custom challenge coins will serve also as a long-time memory on a beautiful ceremony they were a part of. Embleholics is one of the companies specialized in creating unique and coins of very high quality.

Military Traditions

What would military weddings be without exercising proper military traditions?

It’s only at these types of weddings where you’ll be able to witness a wedding couple walking down the church steps after their ceremony and passing beneath the arch of drawn swords help by military cadets.

There are some traditions that can come as an uncomfortable surprise such as smacking the just married military wife by the butt with the sword.

Finally, cutting the cake with swords or themed blades instead of a standard kitchen knife is also a sight that you’ll remember as something not relatable to any other type of wedding.

At Solomon Brothers, we strive to show our appreciation to those in the military as much as possible! That is why we offer a special military discount to anyone serving our country. Visit our website or give us a call today to learn more! We have all the fine jewelry you need to have an unforgettable military wedding.

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