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Standard Comfort-Fit Wedding Ring

This beautiful 14 karat white gold 3mm band features a slightly domed surface and comfort-fit on the inside for unforgettable comfort. Benchmark has been manufacturing designer wedding rings in gold platinum and palladium for over 40 years. Made in the USA using 100% recycled materials you can feel good about choosing Benchmark wedding bands.


SKU: SB-2767986

Additional information

Additional information

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LCF130-White, LCF130PD09, LCF130PD09.5, LCF130PD10, LCF130PD10.5, LCF130PD11, LCF130PD11.5, LCF130PD12, LCF130PD05, LCF130PD05.5, LCF130PD06, LCF130PD06.5, LCF130PD07, LCF130PD07.5, LCF130PD08, LCF130PD08.5, LCF13014KW14, LCF13014KW14.5, LCF13014KW15, LCF13018KW04, LCF13018KW04.5, LCF13018KW11, LCF13018KW11.5, LCF13018KW12, LCF13018KW12.5, LCF13018KW13, LCF13018KW13.5, LCF13014KW04, LCF13014KW04.5, LCF13014KW05, LCF13014KW05.5, LCF13014KW06, LCF13014KW06.5, LCF13014KW07, LCF13014KW07.5, LCF13014KW08, LCF13018KW08, LCF13018KW08.5, LCF13018KW09, LCF13018KW09.5, LCF13018KW10, LCF13018KW10.5, LCF13014KW08.5, LCF13014KW09, LCF13014KW09.5, LCF13014KW10, LCF13014KW10.5, LCF13018KW05, LCF13018KW05.5, LCF13018KW06, LCF13018KW06.5, LCF13018KW07, LCF13018KW07.5, LCF13014KW11, LCF13014KW11.5, LCF13014KW12, LCF13014KW12.5, LCF13014KW13, LCF13014KW13.5, LCF13018KW14, LCF13018KW14.5, LCF13018KW15, LCF130PT04, LCF130PT04.5, LCF130PT05, LCF130PT09, LCF130PT09.5, LCF130PT10, LCF130PT10.5, LCF130PT11, LCF130PT11.5, LCF130PT12, LCF130PT12.5, LCF130PT13, LCF130PT13.5, LCF130PT14, LCF130PT14.5, LCF130PT15, LCF130PT05.5, LCF130PT06, LCF130PT06.5, LCF130PT07, LCF130PT07.5, LCF130PT08, LCF130PT08.5

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