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Uniqueness is something that everyone craves for. Whether in terms of personality or materialistic things, we all want to be different from the rest. When buying a wedding or engagement ring, a diamond is the first thing that comes to mind. However, picking the ‘normal’ white diamond is not enough for some. They want to be different, a ring that stands out, and that’s where blue diamonds come in.

So, what exactly is a blue diamond?

What Are Blue Diamonds?

Blue diamonds are real, natural diamonds that appear to have a blue tone due to trace amounts of boron within the diamond crystal structure. When boron bonds with carbon atoms in a diamond during its formation process, it absorbs green, red, and yellow light waves, causing the diamond to reflect a blue tone.

The combination may not be the same, making a wide range of blue hues. The are also two main blue diamonds that characterize no presence of hydrogen (purity) and the other presence of secondary hues and hydrogen (impurity).

How Rare Are Blue Diamonds?

Blue diamonds are the second-rarest color after red diamonds. They account for less than 1% of all colored diamonds mined annually and less than 0.1% of all gem-quality diamonds mined worldwide.

In fact, blue diamonds can only be found in three known diamond mines in the world: India’s Panna Mine, Australia’s Argyle Mine, and South Africa’s Cullinan Mine. The vast majority of blue diamonds come from the Argyle Mine, which is estimated to produce over 90% of the world’s supply of blue diamonds.

Blue Diamond Price

While it is so rare to come across 2 or 3-carat blue diamonds, the average cost of a light blue diamond is $52, 6000 per carat. The price will go up to $76,950 for a 0.25-carat vivid blue diamond. As the intensity of the blue color increases, so does the price of the blue diamond.

When looking for a unique diamond for your special someone, consider a blue diamond. It is rare, valuable, and will definitely make your ring stand out from the rest! It can also be worth investing in, as blue diamonds have been steadily increasing in value over the years.

At Solomon Brothers Jewelers, we offer a wide variety of blue diamonds in different shapes, sizes, and intensities of blue color. Shop our collection online or visit our Atlanta showroom to find the perfect blue diamond for your engagement ring or other jewelry pieces.