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Cushion-cut diamonds are beautiful, and their popularity has risen over the years. They have vintage-like shapes, squared and rectangular shapes, with curved corners.  

They are primarily used in making wedding rings and fashion competitions in the modern world. 

Features Of Cushion Cut Diamonds

  • Square and rectangular shapes
  • Old look and a good cut style.
  • They have a lot of styles.
  • The prices of cut cushion diamonds are low. Most of them range from $500- $6000. Its pricing depends on weight, quality, cut, color, and clarity.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Cushion Cut Diamond


Most of the cushion cuts have problems with retaining colors. When picking colors, it’s recommendable to pick  yellow or gold.


Most cushion cuts are very clear. It is due to the fantastic cutting style, which makes them bright.

Cut parameters

It is very good to know the parameters needed for the measurements of the cut. There are four known parameters of cut cushion diamonds; depth, table, symmetry, and length. 

You have to understand them better to avoid buying diamonds that will not balance in your fingers.


This is the weight of the diamond cut. The larger the cushion cut, the more expensive it is. It is essential to know the importance of the diamond to avoid price hikes.

The type of cut 

Most of them have curved sides, and they come either in square or square-rectangular shapes. The standard cushion cut has an old design with broader facets that makes it look romantic, while the modified cushion cut has extra rows of facets. 

The Pros And Cons Of Cushion Cut Diamonds


  1. They have a soft, rounded edge, which gives them a good look.
  2. They are cheaper than round-cut diamonds.
  3. It is easier to find a variety of them due to their popularity.
  4. They are durable due to their rounded edges.
  5. They have balanced colors.


  1. It retains color better than the round-cut diamonds.
  2. It is easier to see all the imperfections of the diamonds.
  3. They come in different types that use complex vocabulary, making it a bit confusing for beginners, i.e., chunky, classic, modernized e.t.c

If you love diamonds, then this is the best option to choose. They are affordable, and they look good.

 Are you struggling with choosing the right type of cushion-cut diamond? The experience can be challenging, and you can make bad decisions. 

Feel free to contact us for the best cushion cut diamond rings at an affordable price. We deliver quality cushion cut diamonds to our clients.