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When you purchase a rough (or uncut) diamond, you can save a lot, but is it worth it? For a genuinely artsy look, learn how to choose uncut diamonds.

What Are Raw Diamonds?

Raw diamonds are uncut and unpolished specimens that have adorned engagement rings throughout history. They come in various natural colors and shapes, as you can see below.

  • Raw Diamond Octahedrons: This magnificent stone occurs in various geometric shapes and is the most prevalent raw diamond shape.
  • Natural Raw Diamond Cubes:These diamonds are cube-shaped or spherical. They’re perfect for engagement rings and pendants.
  • Raw Diamond Balls: Raw diamonds exist in irregular shapes and are found naturally in that shape!

How To Determine The Value Of Raw Diamonds


Clarity is the number of structural defects in a raw diamond and how noticeable they are. Uncut diamonds with fewer natural flaws, therefore, have a higher value.


A raw brownish or yellowish tinted diamond is durable but less valuable. In contrast, a diamond with a minor hue is far more beneficial. Colorless and transparent diamonds are tough to find. Therefore, these gems are costly.


Diamonds of greater weight have a higher value. A high-carat raw diamond, on the other hand, is not always costly.

How To Choose A Raw Diamond

It Matters Where You Buy

When purchasing diamonds from a reputable jeweler, follow all the guidelines to ensure the stones can be traced back to their original mine.

Your Raw Diamond Probably Cannot Be Cut And Polished

Your rough diamond could have internal inclusions that may result in a lacklustre cut or polished gem or compromise the stone’s durability when cut.

Bezel Settings Are Best

If you want to set your raw diamond securely, you should consider using a bezel setting, one of the best available options.

Raw Diamonds Can Be Cheaper

The cost of raw diamonds tends to be automatically lower than their polished counterparts because they have not been polished. Additionally, they may have inclusions, which lowers their value.


By now, you should be familiar with nearly all of the characteristics of the uncut diamond, so make sure you choose the most meaningful gift for your loved one this year. Contact us for more information.