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Rose cut diamonds offer a beautiful, timeless design. Their unique feature is their domed top and flat bottom, which contributes to a variety of other unique diamond attributes. Rose cut diamonds are particularly popular for engagement rings and wedding bands. They exude beauty and elegance, offering a truly incomparable style.  

Unique, Rose-Like Design 

Rose cut diamonds are domed on the top and flat on the bottom. This stands apart from traditional brilliant cut diamonds, which have a pointed bottom. The rose cut gets its name by mimicking the shape of a blooming rose, adding further romance and sentiment to this diamond option. By removing the point at the bottom of the diamond, it opens up a realm of stunning diamond features. 

Large Diamond Size 

Buyers can explore larger diamond options with the rose cut design than with the brilliant cut. Diamonds are priced largely based on their weight. By removing the weight of the peaked bottom, you can afford a diamond that measures larger across the top and to the eye. This is an attractive quality for individuals looking to buy a diamond that stands out for its size. 

Limitless Facet Choices

Brilliant cut diamonds usually have 57 or 58 facets, but rose cut diamonds can range anywhere from 3 to 24. Facets reflect light and support a “brilliant” and flashy appearance, which is what brilliant cut diamonds are known for. Rose cut diamonds are more about luster, allowing you to view and enjoy the essence of the diamond with a subtle, timeless look. 

Variety of Shapes 

Rose cut diamonds also come in a wide variety of shapes, largely because of their shape and facet options. Round, oblong, square – the options are seemingly endless. They can also be cut into rare shapes, such as hexagons, kites, and more. This allows you to find the exact shape that speaks to you and your style preferences.  

Endless Color Options

Diamond color ranges from D to Z with D being colorless and Z exuding a brown or yellowish appearance. Brilliant diamonds are usually more attractive when they are colorless, but rose cut diamonds support a range of color options. Because they are not designed to reflect large amounts of light, they can show off colors such as champagne, gray, salt and pepper, or fancy-colored diamonds like pink, black, blue, red, and more. 

Overall, the rose cut diamond is a truly stunning choice with numerous design possibilities. Rose cut allows you to find the right diamond for you, and a diamond that is like no other. Explore the diamond options that Solomon Brothers Jewelers has to offer today, and reach out at any time with questions.