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Salt and Pepper diamonds are naturally flawed diamonds with many black and white inclusions that make them look like salt and pepper. They have gained popularity among wedding bands, engagement rings, and jewelry gifts because:

  • Their inclusions give them a unique look and differentiate each of their diamonds.
  • They are affordable due to their imperfections. 
  • They are more eco-friendly than traditional diamonds.
  • They are versatile to pair with any metal and other stone diamonds.

The 4Cs of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The 4Cs are a guide to how a client would choose their diamonds. The Salt and Pepper diamonds’ uniqueness trickles down to their 4Cs, contrary to the traditional diamonds. 


Their most unique feature is their many black and white inclusions which are neatly distributed. So they have a reduced brilliance.


Depending on the number of inclusion, they have several shades of grey color that impact the overall look. When it comes to choosing the best color, it is a matter of personal preference since there’s no consensus on the best color.


Since the Salt and Pepper diamonds have a reduced brilliance, the cutters focus on fancy cuts to highlight the beauty of the stone. These cuts include rose cuts and steps cuts. They also make beautiful rustic and bohemian jewelry from raw diamonds.


Due to their reduced brilliance, their prices do not increase exponentially with the carat weight sizes. It is unlike traditional diamonds, which have a higher luster.

Shapes of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

They are cut in shapes such as the oval, pear, triangle kites, and coffin.

The Durability of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

They are prone to fracture due to their numerous inclusion.  The Cutters should set them carefully, and you should handle them with care upon purchase. 

Styles of Engagement Rings

Their versatile nature makes them a good fit for unique and beautiful engagement rings. They give off a sophisticated and vintage look when paired with rose gold settings and an icy look when paired in a white gold setting. Pair with small sparkling white diamonds in a halo and side stone setting to add brilliance.


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