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Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task. You have to ensure the ring speaks your love, let alone it being something you’ll have on your finger daily. And the fact that there are several diamond cuts to choose from, shapes, and settings makes it even more challenging to find yourself a suitable ring. If you are looking for a split shank ring, worry no more. Whether a simple design or something completely covered in diamonds, here is everything you need to know about split shank to help your purchase decisions.

What Exactly Is a Split Shank Ring?

A split shank is a style of ring that divides into two at the shoulders while approaching the center stone setting. The design often has a noticeable gap between the ring and the center stone, giving the impression that the ring is bigger and more elaborate. It’s common on more prominent settings, either for halo settings, bigger center stones, or something similar. However, you can always identify a delicate split shank suitable for the smaller stones.

Why Split Shank is the Perfect Ring for You

A split shank style adds a touch of refinement and symmetry. The two shanks that lead up towards the diamond give character while also making the diamond the focal point. The split shank style is flawless and striking for several diamond setting colors and shapes.

The halo and the pave detailing are the standard features of the split shank ring, with the extra diamonds giving it a shine and flair.

Benefits of Split Shank Rings


Split shank engagement rings can be customized into different design variants. They may be eye-catching and daring, with plenty of space between the band’s arcs. They can also be made into a more conventional style if you love a more modest aesthetic.


The setting is safe from damage, especially the center stone. Suppose you lead an active lifestyle, you won’t have to worry about the center diamond getting damaged.

Stunning and Eye-Catching

The bands assist in accentuating the center stone, providing the illusion of a bigger stone, which most people find appealing. It makes the ring appear more lovely and valuable.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Split Shank Ring

Like other jewelry pieces, split shank rings require careful maintenance to keep them looking their best. Dust, debris, and grit can quickly become trapped between the splits. Using a needle, pin, or sharp item is not always advisable to dislodge the accumulation as it can damage the ring.

It is best to soak the ring in a cleaning solution to remove the oils and grime deep into the split. Split shank rings should not be worn with other items or protrusions as they could break or deform.

Bottom Line

Split shank rings are magnificent designs that automatically add a touch of fine and distinctive detail with its split band holding the center stone with an alluring backdrop. With so many subtle variations to choose from, Solomon Brothers Jewelers will be pleased to help you discover one that fits your personality and aesthetic preferences.

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