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Old mine cut diamonds were a favorite for jewelers and jewel wearers of the 18th and 19th centuries. They were made from diamonds mined in Brazilian mines and later in African mines. When shopping for authentic antique diamond ring designs, you may come across different cuts such as;

  • Rose-cut
  • Single cut
  • Old European cut
  • Old Mine cut 

Among modern cuts, the most similar type to the old mine cut is the cushion diamond cut.

Features Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Old mine cut diamonds have features that differentiate them from modern diamond designs. They have many features that help to identify them, such as;

  • A rounded square-like shape.
  • Bulky when compared to modern designs.
  • Uneven proportions and symmetry because they were made by hand.
  • 57-58 facets similar to modern designs.
  • They have bigger facets and crowns.
  • They have a circle at the center of the crown.
  • A small table
  • Less sparkling effect because the diamonds were cut by hand.

Why You Should Buy An Old Mine Cut Diamond

  • Uniqueness – These diamonds are cut by hand, meaning that no diamond is similar to other diamonds. 
  • Environmental friendly – The ability for these cuts to be recycled over many years makes them eco-friendly.
  • It is conflict-free – Modern diamonds may cause social conflicts during the mining process. 
  • Beautiful warm colors – Diamonds mined in the era of the old mine cut diamonds had warm colors, which made them unique.
  • Less expensive – These diamonds’ production costs are less than modern diamonds because they were produced a long time ago.

Old mine cut diamonds have a unique rustic effect, making them a modern favorite. We have them in stock. For more information on different diamond cuts, visit our blog or contact us to book an appointment.