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Sparkles define diamonds, and the signaling is a beautiful sight to behold. The sparkles might be what makes diamond rings famous in wedding engagements. There are many aspects that dictate diamond sparkling, as we shall see in this detailed chapter. Some diamonds sparkle more than others, and that leads us to our topic. Keep on reading to find out more.

What Makes Diamonds Sparkle?

Light is the leading cause of diamond sparkles, and the amount of sparkles depends on the amount of light it takes. Diamonds are cut into numerous facets: these are shapes. Each shape is like a mirror and reflects light from one facet to another and bounces it back to the diamond, creating beautiful sparkles. Generally, cuts are behind the performance of diamonds in the spotlight.

The reflection of light in diamonds is divided into two types, and here is the definition of each.

  • Brilliance – This type of reflection takes place when white light reflects on diamonds. The brilliance of any diamond depends on the amount of white light it reflects. For instance, if it is more brilliant, it means it took in more white light and reflected it. This is the secret behind the diamond’s sparkling that makes it beautiful and impressive.
  • Fire – This is the ability of a diamond to take in colored light and disperse it. A diamond that features a great fire will release a reflection that is colored. This gives it a distinct beauty and character. Whether it’s red, orange, green, or blue, fire can take any of them.

The diamonds with a bigger number of facets boast a high brilliance compared to those with fewer facets. Another factor that dictates diamond sparkling is the shape of the diamond. For example, round-shaped diamonds sparkle more compared to cushions, radiant, or princess cuts.


The amount of light dictates how sparkling diamonds will be. Also, the shape of the diamond is a factor in the sparkling power of the diamond. If you want the diamond that sparkles most, go for the round-shaped one. You will have a whole package of beauty in it.

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